Welcome to a rousing round of

Twilight Riddle

by Julika.


When the book titles Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer do not ring a bell, better yet a whole bunch of them, I am sorry to say that you probably will not have much fun with this site. In any other case I hope you are game for my project.

Inspired by the likes of notpron by David M. and Jeff Webster's weffriddles this is a puzzle adventure that will challenge your knowledge of the Twilight universe, books and film alike. This project came into being for the fun of it, but it also serves in fulfilment of the requirements for a graded credit for the course Web Project Literature in winter term 2008/2009 at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany. As a part of the project I was able to give away five t-shirts from WeBook Apparel. A huge thank you for the cooperation again at this point. Another thanks is due to Bente for the new banner.

When you are ready to go click here to begin. Or you can always take a look at the forum first.

The contest is over, take a look at the Hall of Fame, which proves that the questions are managable. If you are interested in how this project came into being, take a look at the Story behind it.


Have fun and good luck.

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