Happy you decided to try. Here are some basic rules, but also how this works.


1. This is a succession of questions and puzzles around the Twilight saga and anything related to it.

2. The questions aren't easy. In fact, they are designed to challenge your knowledge of the books, the canon universe, the fandom and also, to some extent, the movie.

3. The answer to a question will replace the part of the URL just before the .html. You are going to want to put .html after every answer or else you will not get the page you want. The answers will be reasonably short, without capitalisation or spaces.

4. No spoilers please. If you've solved a level, and you're talking to someone who hasn't, don't go and tell them. It's no fun for the people who haven't beaten it yet to be told the answer. It's much more satisfying to get the answers yourself.

5. Not all answers will be blatantly obvious and at some point you will need software apart from your browser, but nothing elaborate.

6. Just let me remind you that the Internet is your friend to help you find information. And if you get seriously stuck, you can always go to the forum to look for help. I recommend you keep an extra window/tab open for that and/or your favourite search engine.

7. I don't ask you to have read something that hasn't been published or was supposed to be in the public domain at this time. However, every other piece available can contain the answer you'll need.

8. Finally, don't get frustrated. This isn't supposed to be solved in one session, so you will want to save your answers. Also, if you find that you skipped a question, you should go back since it's more than possible that you'll need that answer later on.

9. Now don't let me keep you. letitbegin.